Return/Refund/Store Credit Policy

Read Carefully for Online Sale via Shipping: 

  1. If any fish came Dead on Arrival (DOA), then we will give you store credit after we have checked and verified the video you sent us (Send a one-minute Video to us: Fish should be out of water, and on a dry white paper. Video of fish inside the water is not acceptable).
  2. Video must be sent within 3 hrs. after you receive the shipment. You must send us a clear video, and poor-quality video will not be accepted as we won't be able to determine whether the fish is still alive or dead. Occasionally, we see fish still alive and breathing placed on paper, and video sent to us. We will reject those claims. In summary it is your burden to prove that the fish is really dead beyond any doubt, and after that we usually take care of it. 
  3.  If DOA happens on a store credit usage, then we don't issue credit for that credit amount. In other words, we don't issue credit for credit, but we issue credit for purchase amount only.
  4. Sometimes boxes can leak and you may find water inside box depending on how shipping companies handle the boxes, and that doesn't qualify for some sort of refund expectations since on most occasions fish will be just fine. 
  5. We pack fish with good amount of oxygen and water.  The fish can survive with that amount of oxygen/water for 48 hrs. only. Under no circumstance the buyer should refuse a shipment once the shipment is shipped. If you refuse the shipment then all fish in the package will die as it will take more than 48 hrs. for the returns to reach us. Even if there is a leak from the box you must still accept the shipment, and acclimate and save the fish. If you chose to refuse shipment for whatever reason, then you take the loss because knowingly you have caused the loss of fish. Keep in mind that we ship out through shipping carriers such as UPS/FedEx/ Airlines only at your request; hence, you should not refuse any shipment from the carrier once after we have shipped out the live fish. You have initiated the shipment and you should not refuse the shipment under any circumstances. Box having small leaks is normal in live fish shipping and that’s not a reason to refuse a shipment. Order online only if you will accept the package without refusing to accept under any circumstances. Here is an example why you should not refuse a package:  There may be only one bag leaking due to carrier handling; but we might have packed 10 bags, if you refuse the box then you are killing all the other 9 fish for no reason. We sell Healthy specimens that passes the inspection before we ship so do not refuse the package.
  6. In case of a leak from package, First step is to accept the shipment. Then open the box, and if there is any DOA then submit the photo/video evidence as requested in number 2 above, and rest assured we will take care of it. Without showing the DOA if you simply refuse and cause the fish death then you are responsible for the killing the fish and the losses associated with it.
  7. For Corals and Invertebrates, we simply don't accept any returns and don't offer any refunds. 
  8. Shipping: We ship mostly via UPS Next Day Air and most of the occasions the carrier is on time, and the live fish arrives on time. If there is a delay by the carrier then we are not responsible for the delays, and death of the specimens due to that. Keep in mind that we don't operate the shipping carriers, but we ship them through carriers as per your Order/Request. During holidays season (Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year) almost all shipping carriers become unreliable!
  9. If you live close to an airport where shouthwest or Delta flies, then you could ask for shipment via airlines.
  10. For Walk-in customers to our physical location in San Jose, CA: we do not offer any warranty, refund or store credit. It is assumed the customer had inspected the fish and satified with its condition. 
  11. When a customer walks in to the store, and selects the fish that he or she Likes/wants, it is assumed that the fish had met the customer's satisfaction, and after the customer takes the fish home it is his or her responsibility to quarantine the fish properly, Treat the fish properly, keep the fish alive and feed the fish regularly etc. Keep in mind we haven't selected the customer's fish, but the customer himself or herself has selected the specimen to his or her liking. If a customer had selected a fish after careful inspection of the fish then we don't issue any store credit for that. It becomes part of the customer's hobby after that point, and we are not responsible for customer's hobby or fish keeping ability in anyway or form. We sell live specimen in good condition, and after the transaction is complete, we don't We don't take returns and there is no refund for fish. 
  12. For corals and invertebrates, we simply don't accept any returns and don't offer any refunds. The minute you walk out with the specimens that you liked and purchased; it is your responsibility to keep them alive.
  13. Please read our return and refund policy carefully, and understand it before making the purchase. If you have any questions then ask us, and we will explain clearly.