1. I placed the order when will I receive my shipment? If the order was placed before 10 a.m. PST then it usually ships out the same day for the next day delivery. But if the order comes in late at 2 p.m. then we might not be able to ship out the same day but we will ship out the very nect day.
  2. My Address is a commercial Address and do you ship to commercial address? Yes we ship to commercial address also, but if you provide the commercial address then it is your responsibility to track and collect the fish, for example if the UPS is not able to deliver and takes back the shipment because your commercial place is not open during that time, then it is your responsibility to track and get it from UPS.
  3. For Orders below $400 do I need to pay shipping cost? Yes,there will be  shipping cost for orders less than $400, The system will add the shipping costs as you add Items to the cart. Once the order amount is greater than $400, it will give you an option of "Free Overnight shipping."
  4. Can I return the fish that I bought? We won't be able to take any returns as the returned fish has to go through our treatment process to join our holding tank, and it is not always feasible to treat one fish alone in a tank. 
  5. Do you Treat / Quarantine your fish before selling? Yes, we treat the fish prophylactically to remove parasites; however, the hobbyists must treat and quarantine the fish before they release into their display tank. It is the hobbyist's responsibility to properly treat and quarantine the fish before they release the fish into their display tank. Our Treatment/QT is to keep our own tanks clean and disease free and we don't treat the fish for customers. Customers need to treat/QT the fish for themselves.